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3 steps for picking the right home thermostat

Step #1 | Identify your heating and cooling system

Single Stage Furnace

Single-stage heating means that your furnace only has one level of heat output. An example would be if you only have gas, forced air heater, or if you have an electric AC system with a separate heating system. This is used to be the most common type of system all over the country. If you already have a thermostat for that system, then you will likely have 6 wires or less coming from your wall.

Multi-Stage Furnace or Heating System

Multi-Stage heating means that you have two or more levels of heat in your home. This type of furnace is increasing in popularity in Calgary due to its energy-saving features. The second level of heat is commonly referred to as an emergency heat setting. Therefore, because the low setting is adequate to meet household cooling or heating demands 80% of the time, the multi-stage unit runs for longer periods and provides more even heat distribution through the house or building.

Step #2 – Pick the features you would like in a thermostat:

This system like the NEST is the ultimate system. It is adjustable from everywhere and anytime, it learns the temperature fluctuations of the home and it saves the most in Energy Bills.

A Wireless Thermostat means true freedom, something we in Calgary really love. It allows you to place the Thermostat anywhere and everywhere, simple!


A WiFi Thermostat will let you place your thermostat anywhere within a Wi-Fi zone, which means flexibility and freedom to place it in different areas of the home.

A programmable system has different types of setting depending on the type of programmable. You can have 5-2, 2-2-1, or 7-day programming capabilities. These are the separate types of day combinations that exist for thermostats. These styles have even evolved to include touch screens.

This style is not programmable but it has a digital readout similar to your digital alarm clock.

These systems work with a mercury switch that does the job of a relay switch today. They are not able to be programmed and are the original technology of thermostats.

Step #3 Talk to a specialist ( if in doubt )

Choosing the right thermostat model will depend on the features you desire and the style you prefer. We have included a few popular choices. However, a second opinion from a professional is always the best. If you need additional assistance determining what thermostat will work best for you or simply want to book a thermostat installation service, let us know!

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