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The Alberta Home Guide

A collection of valuable articles tailored for the Sothern Alberta Home


When to clean your ductwork

One of the most popular questions we get every day

Furnace and Duct Guide

A complete guide to the care and maintenance of every component in your heating system

The Stain Guide

A DIY guide to clean stains of your carpets and upholstery

Alberta Carbon Tax

The Alberta Carbon Tax and your home

Furnace Inspection Scam

An old scam that never seems to die off and how to avoid falling for it

Indoor Air Quality

How to keep your indoor air in top conditions

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

The silent killer that strikes every winter.

Asthma and Your Home

How your home affects this chronic disease

Energy Saving Tips

Some good advice in saving the earth and your wallet

The Alberta Home Guide is a work in process, it is a collection of relevant articles, tips, and advice crafted by our home services professionals from a list of factors that are likely to affect or improve a house in Southern Alberta. Some of the topics are of course related to the array of services we provide to your home and how we can help.

Our guide emphasizes on health, lifestyle, and savings, often the most important topics related to the average Calgary household. From tips on how to save energy to common scams and how to prevent them.

Alberta Home Services has been part of the Calgary home since 1986 helping and guiding you in making your home better and your life easier. We take pride in trying to make the community a better place! We did this guide thinking about you, your family and pets. We will love to hear from you if there is a topic you would like to see discussed by our specialists.

We hope you enjoy this guide as much as we did making it!

One more step towards that perfect home 🙂

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