Upholstery Cleaning Service

“Your furniture has not looked so good since you bought it”

6 Steps that our upholstery cleaning experts take to restore the original beautyof your upholstered furniture:

  1. Careful Pre-Cleaning Fabric Test.
  2. Dry Vacuum Process. Powerful but gentle.
  3. FabricSafe™ Pre-Cleaning Treatment. Tough on dirt, gentle on furniture.
  4. Special Attention To All Spots & Stains. No extra charge.
  5. ThermoRinse™ Cleaning. Deep cleaning, fast drying.
  6. Final hand Grooming. For fresh looking & beautiful  upholstered furniture.

Additional Upholstery Treatments

In addition to our professional upholstery cleaning, we also offer the following additional treatments for your furniture:

  1. Stainshield® Professional Fabric Protector
  2. Advanced Generation Deodorizer™
  3. Microban pet stain treatment

Our professionally upholstery cleaning technicians, many of whom have been with us for 10 years or longer, bring experience and expertise into your home to make sure the job is done right. We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified, and all of our technicians are full-time permanent staff, not inexperienced seasonal or temporary employees.

Eco-friendly Cleaning with Alberta Carpet Cleaning

The world of green chemistry is constantly changing as alternatives to toxic ingredients in cleaning products are developed. At Alberta Carpet Cleaning we use eco-friendly products only. As greener products come onto the market, we test them always to see if they perform as well or better than what is already being used. If so, they are incorporated into Alberta Carpet Cleaning  product collection.

Why green? What’s the difference?

Traditional carpet cleaning uses an assortment of chemicals some of which may irritate people and pets and cause havoc in the environment. At Alberta Carpet Cleaning, we believe that cleaning your home should provide only benefits to you and your surrounding environment .