Chemicals and the environment

Unfortunately we are constantly polluting the air and the environment one way or another.  Its as simple as starting your car or turning your heat. However there are many small things that we can do to improve our foot print on this planet and one of them is the cleaning agents we use.  Many of the conventional cleaning agents available in the market today contain chemicals which have toxic side effects or can be even hazardous to our well being as well as to the environment.

When these chemicals are washed down drains and sewers, they contaminate the water. If this contaminated water is released into a river or sea, it will end up polluting the water body and harming the natural life forms living in it. We have seen the results of environment recklessness all around the world and in Canada.

Be Environment Smart!

Savvy home owners know better, and it doesn’t take too many adjustments to make our part and reduce not only our footprint but the damaging long term effects that many of this powerful chemicals have on our environment and even more important on our young ones and pets.

In many instances these products can come in contact with our little ones and create an emergency, all because we saved a couple of pennies at the store or with the contractor we chose to do our cleaning.

Green Cleaning

Eco-friendly products are are products that do better justice to the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal. These products are not always 100% environment proof, but most of them are near that, and its always better than to do nothing. The use of eco-friendly home cleaners allows us to reduce toxicity on our environment. these also tend to be much safer for our little ones and pets.

We are proud to be 100% green in our carpet and furnace cleaning, most of our cleaning is based on SAFE water steam (carpet cleaning) or air pressure and brushes (furnace and duct cleaning).

Go Green, choose Alberta Home Services for all your carpet and furnace cleaning needs!