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Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning


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Burners Cleaning and Exterior Cover Cleaning

‘Predator’ Professional Chimney Cleaning

Wood burning fireplace and chimney cleaning
Wood burning fireplace


Prices do not include GST. The minimum service call is $119. Some restrictions apply. Call for more details.

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We promise to deliver the same quality and excellent service to each customer. If you think we missed anything, you have a 30-day warranty on your service where we will take prompt corrective action to ensure service standards are met.

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Bundle your cleaning services to save more! Furnace and duct cleaning is an essential service recommended at least once every 2 years.


Chimney Cleaning Service

Fireplace and chimney cleaning is very important in safety and fire prevention. The main reason is that Wood burning fireplaces produce creosote. Fireplace and chimney cleaning is recommended for every one or two cords of wood depending if the wood is sappy or non-sappy.

Creosote is a black or brown residue that sticks to the inner walls of chimneys. This build-up can be tar-like and sticky or it can be hardened, crusty, or even flaky. In whatever form it takes, creosote is highly combustible.

How do you prevent creosote from building up? There are a few ways to prevent the buildup:

  • You could try using only seasoned wood.
  • Dryness is more important than hard wood versus soft wood considerations.
  • Build smaller, hotter fires that burn more completely and produce less smoke.
  • Never burn cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, trash, or anything of the sort.

These added items can greatly increase your chance of a chimney fire. However, the most important act as a homeowner is to have your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

Expert Cleaning Service

Our technicians at Alberta Furnace Cleaning are very experienced in the removal of the creosote deposits.  With the powerful truck mount vacuum alongside with the ” Predator ” tool, no creosote stands a chance.

The powerful truck vacuum is carefully placed at the bottom of the fireplace while the Predator is assembled and attached to the airline and sent up your chimney; cleaning all deposits off the sides and sending it down to the vacuum.  ( The predator is extendable meaning no fireplace chimney is too large! )  The base is then cleaned and vacuumed leaving you with a clean and safe fireplace as an end result.

Prevent a fire, have your fireplace cleaned and inspected today.

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Professional furnace and duct cleaning service.

Dirty dryer vents are a common fire hazard, make sure yours isn't

28 Point Signature Furnace Tune Up

A preventable disaster

Clogged dryer vents are an increasing factor of preventable house fires. the clogged lint from the dryers is a highly flammable by-product, together with Southern Alberta’s dry climate it becomes the perfect ignition point of a fire.

Another issue is that wood remains the most widely used material for construction in Western Canada. As much as technology has improved with fire retardant treatments, wood is wood, and as such burns easily. This is why preventing house fires is a priority for any household.

Don’t delay the preventable and make sure you add this essential service to your yearly to do list.

Creosote particles

Chimney Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

The 2015 National Fire Code of Canada states that every chimney, flue and flue pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous conditions at intervals not greater than 12 months, at the time of addition of any appliance and after any chimney fire. It also notes that chimney, flues and flue pipes shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them free from dangerous accumulations of combustible deposits.

Even if a homeowner doesn’t use the chimney much, animals may build nests in the flue or there may be other types of deterioration that could make the chimney unsafe to use.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that open masonry fireplaces should be swept at 1/8" of sooty buildup, and sooner if there is any glaze present in the system.  This is considered to be enough fuel buildup to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging the chimney or spreading to the home. Factory-built fireplaces should be swept when any appreciable buildup occurs. The logic is that the deposit is quite acidic and can shorten the life of the fireplace. 

The same guidance applies to gas-powered fireplaces as wood-powered fireplaces. Both should be checked yearly. Certainly, gas is a cleaner-burning fuel but the same challenges with soot build-up and animals nesting can occur in a gas-powered fireplace.

Alberta Home Services certainly recommends a homeowner call a professional chimney cleaner to complete the cleaning as they have the protective gear (protection goggles, dust masks, sturdy ladder), training in fall arrest if roof access is required as well as experience completing chimney cleaning.

However, it is certainly possible to remove chimney soot on your own. A homeowner will need to go on the roof (a daunting task depending on the height and pitch of your roof) as well as purchase the right types of chimney brushes.

Clean, beautiful fireplace time

Beautiful Clean Chimney
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