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We are a home services company, and interacting with the public is a big part of what we do. We have a responsibility to be observant of our own health and to take the health of our community and coworkers first.

As of March 9th, 2020 Alberta Home Services has implemented a strict protocol in accordance with the regulations set by Federal, provincial governments and Alberta Health Services. We have implemented this strict protocol that ensures our day to day operations without interacting face to face with clients, keeping with social distancing guidelines and avoid the proximity of any worker to the general public and coworkers.

We will be observing how the situation develops closely. We are taking into consideration how the development of COVID-19 in Alberta changes and will be adapting accordingly. At this time we are continuing to service homes within these new guidelines; if there is further news that affects us then we will update our customers.

What are we doing for our community?

Early in the onset of this crisis, we realized that we have a very important role to play in mitigating this crisis. Our carpet cleaning and duct cleaning services can help mitigate the spread of the virus using disinfectant agents that we have available as add-ons.  For duct cleaning, Benefect® disinfects HVAC components and ductwork, and MediClean® does the exact same action but on carpet and upholstery surfaces.

This is not meant to fully protect your home from COVID-19. It is just an additional step or precaution that can be taken. We urge you to follow sanitization guidelines from provincial or federal health officials only.

We live, we work, and play here in Calgary, we want to help our neighbors and all Calgarians as much as we can. Therefore, these sanitization services have been now included in all cleaning services free of charge. We believe this will help Calgary and add to the concerted effort driven by all members of our community to slow down the spread of this virus.

If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to a member of our customer attention staff  using our contact page

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