Dryer Vent Cleaning

Fire Hazard    Dirty dryer vents are a leading cause for fires! clean your dryer vent at least every 2 years.

Get your dryer vent professionally cleaned and inspected by an Alberta Furnace Cleaning Technician. Your home should be risk free from this common fire hazard. After our experienced Technician inspects and cleans your dryer duct, he will also verify  through our Multi-Point System Check that the correct type of duct is in use, everything is attached and working efficiently.

Professional Dryer vent Cleaning Process:

  • Truck mounted – Powerful System
  • Dryer vent is thoroughly cleaned
  • Vent System Safe Cleaning
  • Multi-Point System Check™ is performed

Thousands of homeowners throughout Southern Alberta have relied on Alberta Furnace Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning services for nearly 30 years! Whether you manage a small bungalow, a detached home,  town-home, commercial and non-commercial buildings we can help you. Our technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning dryer vent systems, no matter how large or small.   

THINK SAFE! – Dirty dryer vents create lint buildups that are highly flammable and are a common cause of house fires. In addition, regular cleaning promotes faster drying times, and saves you money on the operating costs of your drying machine.

Periodic inspection and cleaning of your dryer vent systems is important. Contact Alberta Furnace Cleaning today to explore your cleaning and repeat service options.

Sometimes there are structural issues with the dryer vent and the exhaust vent of the dryer. We usually advise our customers of such problems and in most cases it is recommended for them to discuss options with an exteriors renovation company. One company we recommend is Calgary Elite Exteriors for more information visit their website.