Advanced Carpet Deodorizer ™

For most, its safe to say we don’t know what is happening to our carpets at all times.  We also do not want to share those mishaps with our carpets with everyone else who choose to enter our home.

Nobody wants to enter a house that smells like pet dander, dandruff or chicken soup. In many instances we become used to the smell of our home, but that doesn’t mean others are and would like that. If you cook often, have pets and/or young kids and you live in a house that is carpeted or has lots of furniture –  there a good likelihood your house is that house that ‘smells’.

This is when a Carpet Deodorizer ™ would be of value.

The Carpet Deodorizer ™ works to neutralize common odor sources such as urine, vomit and perspiration.  It is applied as a pre-spray before the professional carpet cleaning is preformed.  The end result would be eliminating the unwanted odors that could possibly persist after the cleaning.  Our Carpet Deodorizer™ meets qualifications set by stain resistant carpet fiber  manufacturing.